Humanexus video showing at lunch TODAY in Auditorium

Starting at 11:55am TODAY, the film will be shown on a loop throughout the lunch session in the Auditorium in Kellogg Center.

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be holding a screening of Humanexus: Knowledge and Communication Through the Ages at HASTAC 2015. This semi-documentary animation visualizes human communication from the Stone Age to today and beyond. It aims to make tangible the enormous changes in the quantity and quality of our collective knowledge and the impact of different media and distribution systems on knowledge exchange. For more information on Humanexus, to hear soundtrack excerpts, or to read up on the film’s awards and nominations, visit the Humanexus website.

Get your HASTAC Gear!

At the registration desk, we’ll have sweet HASTAC 2015 gear for you to take home! Tshirts and coffee mugs, both featuring the logo and mission patch!

T-shirts are $15 and mugs are $10…but

You can get a sweet deal on BOTH for $20!

Take a little HASTAC home with you!


Cathy Davidson shows off the HASTAC 2015 mug!

Cathy Davidson shows off the HASTAC 2015 mug!